Weekend ReCap…

Whoa… Monday…already!

Real Quick Weekend Highlights:

  • Dinner at Spago with friends
  • Learning about rubber roof tiles at the Edmonton Home Show
  • Curled up on the couch, quietly drinking coffee while the room fills with morning light…bliss
  • Rocking out to the newest Shins album. Simple Song, over and over and over again
  • Late nights with friends. Enjoying wine, Crostini’s, epic homemade German Chocolate cake
  • Cozy Sunday morning cinnamon bun run with my aunt Sharon, uncle Keith and cousin David
  • Sunday afternoon cat nap
  • Sore bums from our work outs – weakness and German chocolate cake leaving the body!
Check out this modern day modular home. Seriously dope.

 Rocking out to the newest Shins album, Port of Morrow

 Ricotta, roasted butternut squash, sage crostini (recipe here)from Bon Appetit Magazine

Receiving an unanticipated parcel has got to be in my top 10 favorite things in life. Can you beat a surprise package on your door step? Not a chance. Amber gifted me with some majorly awesome vintage Audubon encyclopedias which are packed full of wonderful images.  Best of all… the sweet scent of intelligence wafting from every page… the smell of a library. They’re a total treat and I can’t wait to drum up something special with them. Thanks Amber my love! You totally made my week.

 Erik’s noggin made full contact with the dining room chair. Safe to say, he lost that battle.

German Chocolate Cake. Gifted to us from our close friend Cam.  Brilliant engineer by day, rockin’ chef by night.

Yep. Pretty rich. I have to admit. Another thing I might add. For all my pals out there that are in Downton Abbey withdrawals I started a new BBC series called Upstairs/Downstairs. I’m only one episode in but it’s showing serious promise. Well, hope you had a chance to rest up. Forward on… to another week of being fabulous.

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  1. Happy to send it to you! I love it when things pop out and you know you have to send them along. Plus I got to chat with you, double yay! Glad you a weekend to rest up!

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