Power of the Persian

Okay, so I’m dying to show you guys the condo. A little sneak peak. Maybe, for all the out of town-ers it will lure you in with it’s charm. BUUUUTTTT… it’s not quite ready. It needs a bit of polishing. A few little things to pull is all together. One of those things is our new Persian rug. Arriving soon. I was just chit-chatting with the BFF, Kristin, about how I’m growing tired of the pain ‘ole white boutique kitchen. Nice, clean but lets face it….boring! It has no life, no story and the heart of the home needs to have inspiration. Unless all you plan on doing is cooking… plain white rice. Our new kitchen is an open concept kitchen in the middle of everything so what better way to bring life to the home than to deliver a pop of color for an eclectic fun vibe. Here were a few images which inspired this new direction.

This is the baby we’ll be rolling out in no time. I can’t wait.

Sorry about the image. I couldn’t find a better one. But I had to post it, because this kitchen is absolutely divine. And completely my inspiration. Image via Canadian House and Home

Image via Domino

Image via Anthropologie

Image via Decorology

Image via Anthropologie

Images via Kay

Image via Oh Happy Day

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