Hudson Bay Blanket…

The crisp, alpine weather has made for some cozy evenings inside, bringing us to love our Hudson Bay blanket even that much more.  On our voyage from Portland to Edmonton we spent a few extra days submerged in the Rockies in Banff, Alberta, Canada, where we purchased our first Hudson Bay blanket to signify our life-changing move.  HBC, a Canadian retail icon, has been producing Hudson Bay Point blankets since 1780.  Originally used by fur-traders as a token for trading, the well recognized points (or stripes) on the blanket were a simple way to indicate the size of the blanket.  Traders could then trade the blanket for a particular fur of equal value.  The contrast of the bright, primary color stripes and the brilliant white wool along with the glorious label (complete with the gold writing!) is so simplistically beautiful that it is hard to believe it was designed 231 years ago.

 Image via Pinterest 

 Image via Baekgaard

Image via Marion House Book 

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  1. whoa, please tell me you saw this today:
    let me know when I should start the knitting :)

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